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Photo Wallpaper Murals For Childrens Bedrooms

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Childrens Room Photo Wallpaper Murals


horses mural wallpaper

Give Your Child’s Room a Little Pizzazz with Photo Wallpaper Murals

baby room mural wallpaper

Photo Wallpaper Murals For Nurseries


What do you think about photo wallpaper murals? If you are like most people when it comes to interior design, wallpaper is considered a thing of the past.


Many householders do not include wallpaper in their overall decorating plans unless it is for a feature wall in a dining or living room.


Apart from that limited use it is perceived to be a strip of paper that has too many flowers, stripes or geometrical designs that went out with the 90’s.


Let's face it, for many designs people are right!


Photo Wallpaper Murals - A Modern Take On An Old Idea

Teenager bedroom mural wallpaper

Teen Bedroom Photo wallpaper


Most likely it is something that you would never see in a child’s room. After all, nowadays wallpaper is seen in older homes in dining rooms, hallways and dated bedrooms.


Some might say that putting wallpaper in a child’s’ room is not a good interior design choice because children are so creative, energetic and playful, and of course, they have their take on what they want more than ever before.


So if wallpaper is flat, boring and outdated or just to chintzy -  why would you want to put wallpaper in your child’s room? Why not paint the room a bright and eye popping colour instead? And those wallpaper borders? They are totally outdated and old fashioned.


However, now people can start to enjoy wallpaper again! Not all wallpaper is ugly and boring. There is a new and readily available alternative. It is something that you can really enjoy using. I suggest that you consider the options that you have with the amazing photo wallpaper murals which are now available.


Latest Technology Aids Interior Design

dolphin photo mural wallpaper

Photo Wallpaper Animal Images
The photo wallpaper murals that we produce are cutting edge and very customisable. This is because you have the option of taking your own pictures and having them printed onto high resolution photo mural wallpaper.
If you don’t already have an image that you like, then you can always use one of our pre-selected library images, many of which are quite stunning and appropiriate for childrens rooms, from tots to teenagers.
We use the latest computer and print technology to produce all our photo wallpaper. This ensures that each panel is perfectly aligned and colour matched for easy hanging. Also we use vibrant UV-stabilised inks that are incredibly fade resistant and are perfect for all indoor applications. 
The combination of these high end inks and re-positionable wallpaper makes sure your image is printed to the highest level of colour vibrancy and clarity. It will last on your wall for many years to come. They are water resistant, so splashes can be safely wiped off.
We also have a second line of wallpaper to our range. It is a more traditional paper based material and is pre-pasted, making it very easy to hang in any room in your house or work place. It is easy to slide and reposition when wet, and provides a permenant display when dry. It too is water resistant.

Children Love Photo Murals

sports mural wallpaper

Sports Photo Wallpaper


Children love this idea of choosing a great image for a spectacular feature on their bedroom wall. They get to pick out an amazing picture from a vast selection of attention grabbing pre-selected images that ensures their room feels special.
If you are looking at re-modelling a little girls room, then maybe your daughter would like a wall with a princess and fairy tale castle, ponies, dolphins or mermaids even. If it is your son that your are doing this for, then how about pirates, space adventures, underwater scenes, wild animals or fast cars.
The good thing is that you can make a design that includes their pictures or the images from our image library (at no extra cost). It is all up to you. The photos can be as large or small as you want.
There is no extra cost in using our carefully selected and diverse range of Gallery images. Alternatively, with one click you can upload any image that you have taken yourself.


Use Your Own Images & Designs


Your child will love the fact that they can have a spectacular looking photo wall that none of their friends will have. Also, this is a good way for your child to express their creativity and individuality. They can choose there own photos and see the play of their imaginations come to life. Not only will they end up with a beautiful room, but if they are involved in the decisions, it will give them a sense of pride because they were the ones that made it happen.


We Offer Dynamically Themed Wallpaper Murals

boys mural wallpaper

Adventure Wallpaper Murals


For certain, our ranges of photo wallpaper murals are not like traditional wallpapers. Wallpaper themes like those available through our store are made for the creative and imaginative mind of a child. They are individualized and can be made inexpensively according to your interior design needs.
Maybe you want to have just a single feature wall that is to be covered with this style of photo wallpaper imagery. Maybe you would like to have your child’s room made up with an altogether different style of photo wallpaper mural than is immediately available form our image gallery.We have solutions for that too. Just contact us.
When it comes to your decorating creativity, the options are endless. Photo wallpaper murals can change a child’s boring  room upto something delightful, exciting and memorable.
Our Photo Wallpapers are bright, colour rich, easy to hang, competitively priced and perfectly suitable for any interior wall space. We manufacture these ourselves, so use our own team to individually produce each wallpaper mural. This is why you can order from us with confidence.
If you require information about any size of order or have design queries please fell free to contact us.
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Author: Steve Hogg




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