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About Photo Wallpaper


mural wallpaper

Getting The Best High Quality, Easy Hang, Photo Wallpaper

mural wallpaper

Art Photo Wallpaper


If you would like a simple way  to upgrade and enhance the look of  any room, then using Photo Wallpaper is the answer.

Photo Wallpaper has the effect of an instant makeover in any space. Discover in our Wallpaper Images Gallery eclectic ranges of iconic images, categorised into the most popular subjects, that are perfect for making instant changes to your rooms at home or at work.

Amazing Images To Choose From


We have 100's of carefully selected murals that range from humorous black & white murals to the sublime and mystical forest scenes, you will find iconic murals of cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and more.


mural wallpaper

Landscape Photo Wallpaper

You can bring fascinating industrial scenes into your home and work spaces or enjoy stunning car and aircraft Photo Wallpaper. Amongst the more popular ranges are the incredible wildlife animal images, the  floral images and the highly dramatic Stars & Planets range of Photo Wallpaper.


Specially Designed To Install Easily


It is important that Photo Wallpaper are easy to hang and this includes the ability to align each panel easily. With this in mind, we supply the easiest Photo Wallpaper to work with, known as Mactac, it is the industry leader.
The paper is more like a fabric and does not stretch or wrinkle, plus it is easy to reposition as many times as you like. Each wallpaper mural comes complete with a layout plan and links to an easy-follow video guide.

mural wallpaper


Map & Flag Photo Wallpaper


We use the latest computer and print technology to produce all our Photo Wallpaper. This ensures that each panel is perfectly aligned and colour matched for easy hanging. Also we use vibrant UV-stabilised inks that are incredibly fade resistant and are perfect for all indoor applications. 
The combination of these high end inks and industry leading re-positionable Mactac wallpaper, ensures that your image is printed to the highest level of colour vibrancy and clarity. It will last on your wall for many years to come.
More recently, we have introduced a second line of wallpaper to our range. It is a more traditional paper based material and is pre-pasted, making it very easy to hang in any room in your house or work place. It is easy to slide and reposition when wet, and provides a permenant display when dry.

Your Own Custom Mural Wallpaper Requirements


We consider every order that comes in, large or small, as a 'custom' print order. This means they receive special and individual attention from our expert team.

Beach Scene mural wallpaper

Beach Photo Wallpaper
When thinking about your image selection, there are several options. For example:
  • Choose any image from our extensive Gallery for your mural wallpaper which we will then print to fit your wall space or display area perfectly.
  • Supply us with any digital image of your own, we prepare, enlarge and crop that image and produce it into a superb quality wallpaper mural.

Where to Source The Perfect Image

There is no extra cost in using our carefully selected and diverse range of Gallery images. Alternatively, wih one click you can upload any image that you have taken yourself.

Sky & Clouds mural wallpaper

Sky & Cloud Photo Wallpaper
Finally, some of our clients source their images from stock photo services like Shutterstock which have millions to choose from. This can be a surprisingly low cost solution.
When using a stock photo agency we suggest that you purchase the highest resolution version of your desired image; we will then be able to print it to just about any size you want using our custom mural wallpaper service - the quality will be stunning.

Photo Wallpaper For all Occasions


In addition to fulfilling regular customer orders, we supply Photo Wallpaper for exhibition displays, to retails outlets, estate agents, offices and restaurants, clubs, schools and colleges. Increasingly photographers are using our photo Photo Wallpaper for both temporary and permanent backdrop scene creations.
Our Photo Wallpapers are bright, colour rich, easy to hang, competitively priced and perfectly suitable for any interior wall space. Using our own team to individually produce each wallpaper mural, you can order with confidence.
If you require information about individual, specialist or large orders please fell free to contact us.
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Author: Steve Hogg



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